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Well, this is just the beginning of a beautiful WAR between those 3 categories of smart phone users. The only good thing is that Nokia finally lost the contact with this new trend of high-tech.

Me, as an android phone based user at this point, I don’t understand why you have to pay 3 times more on a device that is slower, not open sourced and again MUCH MORE EXPANSIVE than anything else?!?

The answer from an iPhone 4 user is simple, boldly and false: BECAUSE I CAN or BECAUSE I WANT TO!

It is all emotional and not rational. This is a girl mind vs. a man’s mind…. It cannot understand each over.

I suppose the marketing Apple fellows did a wonderful job here.

As for BB users…. It’s beyond my power of comprehension.

Well…. Let the war begin!

Thank you C-section comics for this cartoon.

People, this iPhone 4 desperation to have one is getting more and more ridiculous. It is a useless piece of junk, with futures that other smart phones include for quite a long time. But you can’t argue with a stupid iPhone4 customer that is in a state of mind more closely with a deluded person. The question that pops up is very simple and real: is the iPhone the new mental disease of this time?!?

Watch this video and judge for yourself…because is so real.

Aveam o mare problema cu memoria interna a HTC Desire-ului din dotare si am reusit urmarind pasii din tutorialul de mai jos sa scap definitiv de aceasta. Va invit si pe voi sa faceti acest lucru, cu un singur amendament: daca nu stiti ce faceti sau nu sunteti siguri pe voi, contactati-ma sa va              ajut ( merge si o bere).

Cum faci sa instalezi totul pe SD card in Froyo 2.2 afla AICI

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