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Presented @  BIZ Days 2010 by Marco Kind – CMO Vodafone – the new SRL teaser is another great Add from the new campaign of brand positioning on the Romanian telecom market. The audience impact was huge and afterwards Marco asked what do we think is the message that emerges from this video?  A lot of people answered with great ideas and made Marco’s presentation very easy because we’ve got it right.  I am now asking you the same question and please submit your answer in the comments section bellow.

Enjoy the teaser because I really did…

Cine-s mai aduce aminte din ce gaoace a aparut acest mic pui de struto-camila a politichiei romanesti? In ciuda a ceea ce visa maicuta lui pentru al dansei fiulica Emil, istoria nu si-l va reaminti decat pe un tanar utecist framantat perpetuu de dilema: ” oare mi se vad tocurile?” sau “o sa pot sa merg singur cu liftu’ ?”.

E greu sa fii Boc azi in Romanika… dar si mai greu este sa fii roman de rand si fara rubedenii la carma tarisoarei.  Multi au ales usa aratata de El Grande Comandante: si au plecat fara sa se uite indarat si dusi au fost.

Noi, cei care ne mai incapatanam sa credem ca Romanika va esua pe o plaja insorita plina de cocotieri si bastinase cu ghirlande de orhidee la gat, prin destoinicia intaiului carmaci de petroliere casate (pe milioane de verzisori) al tarii – nu ne ramane decat sa ne infundam mai adanc capetele in fund si sa ne rugam sa fim macar 10 insi la o corniza plutitoare…

Pacat de 20 de ani de sperante si vise desarte, pacat de demnitatea schimbata pe haina de demnitar, pacat de copii nascuti fara o sansa, pacat de cei morti ieri pentru ca noi azi sa ne lamentam pe bloguri si atat…..pacat.

Va aduceti aminte de basmul Pinocchio? Ma incearca o stare de “deja vu” ori de cate ori, din greseala vad micul boc kinder, cu surprize fiscale pentru infometatul romanas, debitand aceleasi aberatii si ipocrizii la tembelizor: papusarul Gepetto si marioneta sa: Pinocchio – intr-un nesfarsit serial prost ajuns la episodul 7245 si abia la jumatate… 

Dar dupa cum El Grande Capitan se va retrage pe mare la amicii lui imbalsamati de rom si jamaica, micul Boc va reveni la prima dragoste: Copii spun lucruri trasnite! si poate “Oul fara nume”.

Sa ne auzim cu bine de partea cealalta si nu uitati ca ultimul stinge lumina si-mi trimite si mie niste poze din Romanika.



The young Boc:


Well, this is just the beginning of a beautiful WAR between those 3 categories of smart phone users. The only good thing is that Nokia finally lost the contact with this new trend of high-tech.

Me, as an android phone based user at this point, I don’t understand why you have to pay 3 times more on a device that is slower, not open sourced and again MUCH MORE EXPANSIVE than anything else?!?

The answer from an iPhone 4 user is simple, boldly and false: BECAUSE I CAN or BECAUSE I WANT TO!

It is all emotional and not rational. This is a girl mind vs. a man’s mind…. It cannot understand each over.

I suppose the marketing Apple fellows did a wonderful job here.

As for BB users…. It’s beyond my power of comprehension.

Well…. Let the war begin!

Thank you C-section comics for this cartoon.

How many times did you ask yourself if:  Is THIS the LIFE that I was supposed to have?

If NEVER is your answer, please be so kind and leave this blog.

I am talking to YOU, the person who is questioning everything about his person, about life and the meanings of all that is happening around in order for you to say:  this is NOT my dream life.

The first thing that you will learn in life the hard way is that you are not going to be a rock star, a pop singer or even the president of a 3rd world country just like that. As Forest Gump’s mother was saying: “Life is like a box of chocolates, never know what you gone get…”

Life is about struggling, making the right choices and following the right paths. This is what some people say. I do not personally agree with all of that. I know for sure that only to survive, sometimes you got to do a lot of things that will not be proud off. But the good thing is that you made a CHOICE of some point in time, and that choice was to survive in a world that is giving you nothing, but is trying to take everything from you.

We all should take it easy sometimes, sit on a chair, put the favorite record in the stereo and just indulge ourselves. Yes, feel the joy of a Sunday afternoon with the sun covering your eyes and making them close and dream about the life you were supposed to have and not waking up in the one that you actually have. Snap up of this man! What is keeping you for not going to follow your dream? For the first time in your pathetic life look in the mirror of your soul and answer yourself: WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO TODAY?

If the answer is HERE, in my home….well, you have made it in your life.

But, if your answer to this simple question is: somewhere….over the rainbow, well you should start packing your shit and prepare for your real life. Nothing can and should not stop you from having it the way you wanted from the first time.

As I said earlier, you may not be a rock star beloved by trillions of fans and having billions of chicks just waiting for your ass to bang them, but at least you’re not going to be a SLAVE for some hypocrites with white collars and just the right answer for everything written in a book of company procedures and ISO.

They usually know what the best is for you in your own fucking life!

They will tell you what color is right for you, what car should you drive and what house will fit your multinational career freak sorry ass. As soon as you will get inspired how to dress yourself by the fashion magazines and posters that are fucking with your mind where ever you look, you my friend will be lost as a free minded human been and all that will be left of you it will be a slave into a parallel world ruled by the Power That Be.

How fucked up is that I am asking you? Is this what you want for you and for your kids?

Wake up my friend…. You can still do something about it.

You just have to look around you and see the little things in life that make you happy. That do not include the new car, a bigger house and a 50 inch TV screen to watch mind fucking commercials and soap opera episodes of someone else’s sorry life.

When did you saw the sunrise last time? Who was with you in that wonderful moment?

When did you spend an hour by yourself in the woods or near a mountain spring with your own thoughts?

Did you thought about living the city life?

When did you stopped for a second in the middle of the traffic and just daydream about a kiss from your loved one? How was that moment?

When was the last time you said to your parents how much you love them? (Do it right now if they are still alive, because you don’t want to live your rest of the life regretting that you haven’t after they will be long gone).

When did you took a day off from your job just to do NOTHING? Do it tomorrow! Do it for yourself!

Whatever you think you are doing GOOD for yourself right know…. you are doing all wrong!

It is just a matter of time until you will realize that, but unfortunately TIME is not something you are getting back.

Get your life back man…. It is yours and we only have one at our disposal. Don’t mess this chance.

Come back here for more…






Dupa cum puteti observa cu ochiul liber si necugetator cam asa mai are si romanasul parte de ceva carne in incercarea de a manca in Romanika. Daca eram defectul de pe Discopery sanel ma bucuram ca un copil de venirea lui Mos Gerila, dar nu sunt decat un supravietuitor pe o pluta aflata in deriva marii de rahat portocaliu in care unii au submarine nucleare si majoritatea inoata agatati de corniza.
Cred ca o sa-mi depasesc conditia si ma apuc de pescuit…peste mari si tari!
  Ultimul sa stinga lumina si sa-mi trimita si mie o poza…