How Android, BlackBerry and iPhone users see one another

Posted: 05/11/2010 in Apple, Distraktie, Froyo 2.2, HTC Desire, Idiocracy, iPhone
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Well, this is just the beginning of a beautiful WAR between those 3 categories of smart phone users. The only good thing is that Nokia finally lost the contact with this new trend of high-tech.

Me, as an android phone based user at this point, I don’t understand why you have to pay 3 times more on a device that is slower, not open sourced and again MUCH MORE EXPANSIVE than anything else?!?

The answer from an iPhone 4 user is simple, boldly and false: BECAUSE I CAN or BECAUSE I WANT TO!

It is all emotional and not rational. This is a girl mind vs. a man’s mind…. It cannot understand each over.

I suppose the marketing Apple fellows did a wonderful job here.

As for BB users…. It’s beyond my power of comprehension.

Well…. Let the war begin!

Thank you C-section comics for this cartoon.

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